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        Foshan Xingda shelf Co., Ltd.

        Foshan City Xingda Shelf Co., Ltd. predecessor Foshan City Xingda Shelf Factory,All the productionequipment and technicians are one of the earliest professional manufacturers of display facilities in ourcountry.which isone of the earliest professional display and shelf manufactures, located inPingzhou Town,Nanhai District,Foshan and covered over 40000 square meters.

        After 20 years of development, Xingda, whether from design, transportation, installation or supporting, after-sales all aspects of providing one-stop integrated services, and products have covered Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, with domestic and foreign Hong Kong China Resources Group, PARKnSHOP Group, 71 Group, Jusco Group, Parkson Group, Wanjia Group, the new good group, Home Deport, Pepsi, Nike, and other well-known retail enterprises is to establish a long-term mutually beneficial relations of cooperation.

        Quality is like the life of Xingda to seek beauty
        I Division since its inception, in order to win the business philosophy, has won the majority of customer recognition and support. In 2004 I Division has achieved ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, production management and other all-round processes are in accordance with ISO international standards strictly implemented, improve the production process and improve product quality. Take this, our products will be successfully extended to foreign markets, and has been widely recognized by foreign customers.

        Heart of Xingda --- corporate culture
        Xingda shelves by virtue of a wealth of technical experience and sound and pragmatic style of work, and gradually improve product quality and technical level; at the same time also improve their own corporate culture, enrich the Xing Xing staff life color. From the construction of the plant began to have the sports venues, to the current library, table tennis room and the "Xingda newspaper" and some other work. On the one hand can not only increase the staff of the amateur activities, on the other hand can also improve the quality of staff and creative ability, always reflect the Division I far away.
        Despite repeated success, but we will continue to unremitting pursuit of the excellent quality of products, and continuously meet customer needs, customer first, and strive to be perfect.