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        Companies in the design, development and process control already have a sound management system, and now more than 20 people design and development team, with all-round one-stop design services. From the customer's site planning fully reflects the customer's operating principles, ideas, from the store's overall design to the color of the mix and coordination, from the shelf selection of reasonable, appropriate, combined with the harmony. For the special requirements of customers and special venues, the use of professional design, tailored to adapt to the product, fully meet the individual needs of customers.

        1, modern and fashion, use and novel, pay attention to the harmony of man and things

        Xingda products regardless of the red price of products or to the overall store display planning; from accessories design to zero, parts and even the design of the product are all natural, Jiangxinduju, both well-designed and beautiful use. Compared with other manufacturers, Xingda is a collection of many advantages of the industry. In order to achieve this purpose, there are more than 20 designers to go all out to work to ensure that our strengths.

        2, product design exquisite and durable

        Xingda has always stressed that the product design is beautiful, practical and durable. Have a large number of excellent designers to ensure product design. They are not only experienced, but also able to make full use of materials; colleagues on the basis of their durability to reduce costs, colleagues still have creative design. Xingda shelf durability, beautiful, normal effect often make customers praise.

        3, full design concept

        Simply by the designer himself is difficult to complete the difficult design of the delicate. Behind the designer is a research and development team, which includes designers, product developers, the appearance of packaging designers. They are discussing the product design, the materials used, and selecting the right supplier. Everyone uses their own specialized knowledge to play a role in this process. Design of the product set the wisdom of all the designers.

        4, product design focus on customer needs

        For new product development and design, it is very important to invite customers to participate in the design process to help customers improve product display effect, thereby enhancing customer product sales, fully meet customer needs.

        5, the store's humanity

        Xingda design of the mall is now its focus on the customer: to create a relaxed, comfortable shopping atmosphere, and strongly reflect the shopping environment and the harmony of the design ideas.

        Faster, higher, stronger is the direction of the company design and development, we have the confidence and ability to provide customers with more and better products.